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The Industry Leader
Our Industrial R & D Center Is Certified by KITA
Our 30th Year Serving the Marine and Recreational Industry
Production Capacity of 1,000,000 Units per year
Auto-cutting Machines
Combined Glue and Welding Processes
PVC, Hypalon and Polyurethane Fabrics
Distribution in over 60 Countries
NMMA, Q and ISO 9001 Certified
Products as Large as 23¡¯ Boats
Official Supplier for IRF (International Rafting Federation)
Best Quality
We use only premium quality materials in every single Z-PRO item. Every component and accessory - stem to stern - is top grade.
Best Value
Z-PRO items always cost less than any other inflatable of comparable quality and features. Should our products cost more, you are purchasing items with significantly better features and performance.
Best Performance
Our items inflate tight and smooth as a drumhead. They have incredible buoyancy and glide through the water practically friction-free.

We  always  enjoy  developing innovative new products with our customers. Our well-organized ODM system enables customers to make their idea a reality and to have a sample within a short time. Just bring your design or sample and talk with us about your idea. Then we will provide an advanced prototype. Our technical engineers are ready to process your request for timely development.

We develop at least 10 new models each year and hold more than 300 molds in our own plants.
The main development of our R&D institute is as follows.

Computer-Aided Design


* Establishment of Performance Pre-Test System
* Setting up of 3 Dimensional Library and Curved Surface Modeling System
* Instituting method of Converting 3 dimensional pattern data to 2 dimensional CAD data
* Formation of Pattern Design System
* Establishment of Optimization of Boat Design
* Setting up of Automatic Fabric Cutting System

High Frequency Welding


We are proud of our high capacity HF (high-frequency) welding machine which is capable of welding an  item  as  large  as  a  12¡¯  waterpark   tube. This machine makes it possible for us to accomplish larger projects with efficiency and facilitates mass production.  We are equipped with 49 HF welding machines, ranging from 10 lbs. to 440 lbs. We can assure a satisfactory lead time since we are already set up for an annual production capacity of over one million tubes.

Hot Air Welding


We  are  also  well-equipped  with  eleven  hot air welding machines which are capable of producing 180  Family-Round  rafts  or  In-line  rafts   daily.  Our cutting-edge process of welding the inside and outside seam tape at the same time basically prevents any small defects in production.

For All Water Park Tubes

We,  at  Z pro,  recommend  the  following  procedures  for  proper  inflation  and  care  to   insure  the maximum usage of our products:

  1. Before   first  inflation,  write  with a water resistant pen, the date you are placing this item into service. The date should be written next to the valve.
  2. Inflate  all  products  using  a  volume air pump such as a foot pump, vacuum cleaner blower, shop-vacuum, or other air pump designed to blow high volume but low pressure.
  3. We  do   not  recommend  the  used  of a high pressure compressor or service station tire air pump,  as  inexperienced  Waterpark  personnel  may  rapidly over inflate the tubes and burst the seams. However, if you have skilled staff you may, at your discretion, use a high pressure compressor for tube inflation.
  4. We   recommend  that you allow these products to sit 24hours(not in the open sun) to ensure there are no problems before placing into service.
  5. While   in  service,  care  should be taken to have a staging area which is not in open sunlight heat  for  tubes not being used on rides/ the hot summer sun will cause tubes to expand and put undue stress on seams.
  6. If a manufacturer¡¯s defect is detected upon placing item in service, immediately take item out of service and write that date beside the ¡°in service¡± date by the valve.
  7. Do  not   place  more  than  one  rider  in  single  tubes.  Do  not place more than two riders in double tubes.
  8. All   tubes   have   been   designed  for  use  in  a  well  maintained   and  properly  supervised amusement facility.  All proper safety procedures should be followed. Monitor the condition of all tubes and remove worn or damaged tubes from service immediately.
Warranty Guidelines

All   products supplied to the Waterpark industry by z pro are guaranteed to be free of manufacturer¡¯s defects at the time of delivery.

Legitimate   manufacturer¡¯s defects are: improperly sealed seams, improperly manufactured valves, and handles  falling off due to improper sealing. Other defects such as pinholes, handles ripped off, valves ripped out, cuts and abrasions,  and  all normal wear and tear, are not manufacturer¡¯s defect.


There   are  inherent  risks  in  the  participation  in  or  on any amusement ride or attraction. It is your responsibility to ensure complete rider safety and comfort. Here are a few guidelines:

    • Consult  with the experienced professional, your consultants and ride manufacturers, who can  advise  you  as  to  the  most appropriate tube sizes for use on your specific rides.
    • Make extensive testing of the tubes and family rafts before operating.
    • Post specific instructions at every ride or attraction entrance.
    • Ensure that your park operators are fully trained.
    • Anticipate all hazards and employ measures to remove them.
    • Discard  tubes  and  rafts  that  can  no longer be safely ridden because of missing or broken handles, holes, or other imperfections.
  We,  at   Z pro,  shall  continue  to  make  the  highest  quality  products.  We hope you will continue to purchase  from  us.  But  please  do  so only after you have made ever effort to determine if our tubes and  rafts  can  be  used  on  your  rides  in  a  safe  and  responsible  manner.  Only you, as the park operator, can assume the responsibility in making those decisions.

Dear Park Operator,

In  1981,  as vice   president  of  sales  for  Sevylor  USA  Inc.,  I  introduced  the  use of pvc tubes with handles  to  the  waterpark  industry.  At  that  time  I  established  the  original  shapes,  dimensions, handle  locations,  seam  designs,  and  material  thicknesses,   all  based  on the experience we at Sevylor  had  gathered  from  supplying  the   highest  quality  inflatable  products  to  the  marine and sporting  goods  industries for over a 50 year period. During the next 20 years I created new shapes, new   features,  and  improved specifications, all of which allowed us to maintain our position as the leading supplier of waterpark products to the waterpark/amusement park industry.

Over  the  last  four   years  Sevylor  has  gone  through  a  series  of  acquisitions.  First,  Sevylor was purchased  from  Zodiac  by  a  California  based  holding  company,  NVI,  which  owned   one  of the factories  that  supplied  pvc waterpark tubes to Sevylor and was also heavily involved in the exercise industry.  Thankfully,  NVI  allowed  Sevylor  to   continue to operate as an independent company. But, within  a  year  and  a  half,   NVI  sold  Sevylor  to  Stearns Inc.  (a  member  of  the  K-2 Group) which dissolved the company and Sevylor became just a brand name marketed by Stearns Inc.

Most  recently,  the  K-2   Group was purchased by Jarden Inc. (the parent of the Coleman Company) and  Stearns Inc.  was dissolved.  All of Stearns brand names (Stearns,  Sevylor,  Mad Dog,  Hodge-
man, SOS, and Helium) were added to the Coleman Company¡¯s umbrella of brand names.

What  a  roller  coaster   ride (pun intended) this has been!  Recognizing how,  with each progressive acquisition, it had become ever more difficult to service the waterpark/ amusement park industry in a fashion it deserves,  I have formed a new company:  Z PRO WATERSPORTS. Z Pro Watersports will service the waterpark/ amusement park industry as a division of Woosung CNA, LLC.

Coleman  recognized that the waterpark tube business did not fit well into it¡¯s business mode. As an exit strategy  Coleman has sold all of it¡¯s  waterpark tube inventory to us at Z Pro.  We will continue to supply Sevylor branded products from that inventory but fill in and new inventory supplies will be Z Pro branded.

It is our intent to make this latest move as seamless as possible for you the park operator. Our most important goal is to again service your account better than anyone in the industry.

Our  fabric  rafts  will  continue  to  come  from  our partner factories. Our pvc products will continue to come from the high quality pvc factory we have been using for over twenty-five years. And you still can purchase PFD¡¯s through our marketing agreement with a leading PFD manufacturer.




Jim Goldhardt
General Manager
Z Pro Watersports
Telephone: 480-947-9978
Fax: 480-947-0889