The  versatile  beginners  choice.  Lightweight, rugged and strong enough to easily hold 2 persons + plenty of gear.  The  ideal family touring companion for sightseeing,  fishing,   snorkeling,  and yacht tending,  but also a fun craft for advanced paddlers even on moderately rapid water.  Easy to unpack,  inflate, deflate, carry and stow away, even by one person.  Designed and constructed to be used on rivers, lakes and at the sea shore.

    Sun and saltwater resistant, heavy gauge hull material.
    V-shaped bottom floor: maneuverability and stability.
    I-beam construction floor mattress: more rigid.
    Front and rear spray skirts with inflatable thwart.
    Removable inflatable seats with backrest.
    Large screw valves: easy to inflate and fast to deflate.
    Drain valves: fast, easy draining of the kayak.
    Compact lightweight and durable.


34088 cm


11 kg
24 lbs
220 kg
440 lbs

Carrying Bag

Inflatable Seat

Repair Kit